About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Our organization ONBV Group is a non-profit organization.

Our organization constructs structures with facilities like Educational institutions, Schools, Nursing homes, and Hospitals to support helpless poor children in need who cannot afford the basic essentials majorly in rural areas. Our team of activists also works to end crime against poor children like child labor, child marriage, prostitution, and other heinous crimes which is a result of an uneducated society.

Our project seeks to transform poor children into science geniuses along with developing qualities in them like compassion, non-discriminative, intellectualism, honesty, humility, and team worker by setting up an educational center to provide education along with daily necessary nutrition to thousands of extremely poor children. This center would consist of professional staff members who would be working on student's moral character, motivating them to be innovative, efficient in solving problems at the global level through science.

This project is needed because it would help us to get their contribution in answering unsolved questions at the global level for eg cancer, climate change, etc., and also it would give an opportunity to extremely poor children to come out of poverty. Poor children with harder childhood are more promising to give innovative answers to world's problems as per history and that is our initiative as family members of this world.